Pawpaw Nursery

The goal of the project is to restore, preserve and promote the conservation, multiplication and cultivation of rare species of pawpaw.

Pawpaw is a giant herbaceous plant resembling tree that originated in Central America and is now grown in tropical areas world-wide for its large, sweet, melon-like fruits. It is high in vitamins A, C, E and K as well as calcium.

Considering the neglect of developing nurseries and planting of various species of pawpaw, a number of local pawpaw species face extinction.

This project aims to preserve the culture of pawpaw cultivation in local communities and to promote the development of nurseries for the multiplication and supply of hybrid seedlings. Additionally, it wants to contribute to expanding the education base on the use of pawpaw not only as a fruit but also as a medicinal plant.

By restoring and promoting agriculture through the increase of pawpaw production, the project will also help to generate income for low income farmers.

Full project description and financial plan (PDF download).

A second project phase started in September 2019 with the title: Showcase Farm for Biodiversity and Agricultural Education

 Project Details:

  • Location: Buéa
  • Beneficiaries: low income farmers horticulturists, environmentalist, youth, teachers
  • Supporters: private donations
  • Budget: 320.000 FCFA
  • Project duration: 09/2018 – 09/2019


Pawpaw harvest (July 2020)

We have progressed a lot with the farm we can now boost of producing seeds of the goliath papaya which was nearing extinction. This way, the project contributes in is own little way to bring back the goliath papaya species in the region.

Pictures (August 2019)

 Pictures (January 2019):

The paw paw seedlings left the nursery and were planted on an open field.

Pictures (October 2018):

The paw paw seeds become little plants in the nursery.