• Together for the environment

    COMIHAS activities promote the protection of our environment and the sustainable use of resources.

  • Clean water for healty children

    We provide water and sanitation facilities as well as training for children in schools.

  • Environmental Education

    Children are our future - so we teach them how to protect our nature for themselves and future generations.

  • We send kids to school

    Together with sponsors in Cameroon and Germany, we send children to school by paying their school fees.

“Save the Environment” – Our Vision for Cameroon

Concerned Minds for Habitation Securities (COMIHAS) is a non-governmental and not for profit association existing in Cameroon since 2007. Our motto is “Save the Environment”. Please take a look at our projects in the project menu or click at the examples below (will soon be adjusted) to find out more about our work.

Showcase Farm for Biodiversity and Agricultural Education

Impressions from first training session (November 2019) Impressions from second training session (November 2019) Transfer of the seedlings from the seed bed to the tree nursery (March 2020) Pawpaw harvest (July 2020) Soon, the little seedlings will become impressive pawpaw trees from which the project particpants will be able to harvest – just like the pawpaw planted in 2019 during the previous project phase. The participants have progressed a lot with the farm and can now boost of producing seeds of the goliath papaya which was nearing extinction. This way, the project contributes to bring back the goliath papaya species in the region. Current status (August


Concerned Minds for Habitation Securities (2015): Environmental Education Learning Tool Kit For Secondary Schools. An Eco-School Action Learing Guide.