Concerned Minds for Habitation Securities, abbreviated “COMIHAS” is a non-governmental and not for profit association existing in Cameroon since September 04th, 2007. COMIHAS exist and function within the provisions of Law No 90/053 of December 1990 governing associations in the Republic of Cameroon. Membership of COMIHAS is thirty-one (31) at moment with a seven (07) man executive that administers and run the affairs of the association. The motto of COMIHAS is “Save the Environment”. COMIHAS headquarters is in Yaoundé the political capital of the Republic of Cameroon and the regional office in Buea the south west regional capital.

COMIHAS Human Resources depends on voluntary participation of members, hired skilled labour from the public and contribution of human efforts by partner organizations or agencies while our Financial Resources comes from annual contributions and registration by members and purchase of membership cards; donations from individuals, national and international organizations or agencies; and from fund raising activities.

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