The goals of COMIHAS are:

  • to raise and increase public awareness through education on environmental principles and waste management;
  • provide technical assistance, and in case of emergencies necessary aid upon the acceptance of the government;
  • provide assistance aimed at improving the standards of teaching and training in environmental protection, bio-diversity conservation and urban planning related issues;
  • enhance the implementation of standard diagnostic procedures as necessary with respect to housing design, situation and location within communities, council areas and cities;
  • and with the help of national and international agencies promote environmental friendly habits in line with garbage management.

The objectives of COMIHAS aimed to attain the afore mention goals is:

  • to stimulate and advance work to eradicate filth, pollution, global warming and land degradation;
  • to promote in collaboration with other organizations (national & international), specialized agencies where necessary in preventing both natural and manmade disaster;
  • provide information, counsel and assistance in the domain of environmental protection aimed at standardizing urbanization with respect to urban architecture;
  • to help build an informed public opinion among all peoples on environmental issues;
  • to study and report on administrative and social policies affecting the environment, including humanitarian services and habitation securities in collaboration with other organizations and specialized agencies (national & international);
  • and to assist communities, councils and government upon request in strengthening environmental protection and relief services during disasters.