A group of young Cameroonians on the fourth day of April 2006, in Yaoundé came together as friends discussing contemporary issues in the domain of Environmental Protection; given that the plight of Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon is plagued with lots of these problems. In the course of these discussions, a question raised on how we can contribute to alleviating the situation, metamorphosed into the idea of creating an Association, with aims, goals and objectives geared towards eradicating these predicaments, which include educating the general public through debates, workshops, seminars, etc. on the need to uphold and keep clean and safe Environmental habits.

Considering also the rate of migration by the rural masses into city centres, which is not proportionate to accommodation facilities available, the option to create an association was buttressed; to cater for the afore mention problems. The name “Concerned Minds for Habitation Securities” [COMIHAS] was adopted, with motto, as “Saving the Environment”. COMIHAS was formally created on the tenth day of April 2006.